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My builds this map ^^
Thought I would start sharing some of my builds this far :3

First I’ll post some screenshots of the surface of my base. The theme is kinda similar to my last base from 2017, but I have tried to make it a bit more magical-fantasy- styled this time.

Any feedback or ideas are appreciated (: 

[Image: HWSJEnr.png]
[Image: HWSLA5r.png]
[Image: HWSM6Ih.png]
[Image: HWSMAmS.png]

I’ll add more later.
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I love your attention to detail, including both consistent themes and variations. I love your use of 3-dimensional designs including sky pieces ground pieces, and builds that bridge the space between. I love the coziness and sense of place your base has. It's a unified whole with an inside and an outside, yet it fits within the outside. Your base is a peaceful place that I could just sit in and relax. I could spend months in your base learning from it and from my reactions to it to improve my own building style.

The only suggestion I can possibly add is to add some mobs to it. A couple of sheep and a few bunnies would enhance the surface build. Maybe a parrot in one of the trees.

Thank you, thank you for sharing this with us and for being a part of the Vanilla High community. It is a privilege to be here with you.

Oh, maybe invite ZacTheDragon to do a video showcase?
It is always a pleasure to visit your works Avenyla. I am very happy to have you build on Vanilla High.
[Image: rtgPp1R.jpg]
This is typical of you... amazing abilities that make me want to walk away. Your skills are just so far above anything I could ever do. Thank you for being part of the community and sharing.
Thank you so much guys! (: 

[Image: HX9ehXT.png]
[Image: HX9eBTf.png]
[Image: HX9eUTM.png]
[Image: HX9fgwq.png]
[Image: HX9fGa5.png]
[Image: HYobexF.png]
[Image: HYofB85.png]
[Image: HYog0LU.png]
[Image: HYognjm.png]
[Image: HYogYRP.png]

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