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Happy new year folks!
Huh? It's the next year already? I was just getting used to the last one!

From Vanilla High Staff team and myself personally we wish you a Happy New Year!
May everything you ever wished for come true in 2019! Except some of that crazy stuff you wished for as a kid - very few of us want to be astronauts any more.

Let all of your new beginnings reach their goals, the new year offers us 365 new days - each is a new chance. Learn a new skill, visit a new place, tackle all of your dreams!

For some of us, 2018 could have been a tough time, or maybe they are still going though hardships. To all of you, stay strong and let 2019 give you hope.

To all of Vanilla High: With players like you, I know 2019 is going to be great. Have a good holiday season folks.
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Thank you, Metal!

To you, the entire staff, and all the players here at Vanilla High:

My very best wishes for a new year that brings all good things!
Thank you!

May the year 2019 be an even better year for everyone Smile

Have a Happy New Year!
It's not a bug, it's a feature!
2019/2018 with Carl_71 aka Mister 71

Carl on the left is in 2019

Me aka Mystical_Waters on the right is still in 2018

Hope you enjoyed the year everyone Smile

happy new year to all!! VH is amazing!! more great things to come in 2019!
-Hero 0f Valkria-
[Image: Hero456.png]
I would totally be an astronaut still if given a chance! Happy 2019, everyone!
Happy New Year to everyone who has played and still plays here on Vanilla High............ Smile

Lets see what 2019 brings us all, I hope it is all good Tongue
[Image: Carl_71.png]
Happy New Year to everyone.

Looking forward to getting more kills in the End for 2019.
[Image: S56PqMF.png]

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