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What's goin' on guys, It's Stephcraft!
Hey Guys, What's goin' on!? It's Stephen, Or Stephcraft. 

So Who am I?  Well, outside Minecraft work a boring job, pay my bills, y'know.. "adulting" at its finest.. did 6 years in the United States Navy, and occasionally play Minecraft (and other games) with my wonderful girlfriend, Stephanie.  Yes, Stephen and Stephanie, we're THAT obnoxious. But she works a lot and is more of a casual gamer than I am. Anyways, onto my Minecraft history. I started Minecraft wayyyyyyyyy back when it was in Alpha or Beta, I had a friend invite me and it was like $3  and some change or something and I'm like... sure! I'm not sure the version it was but I only remember the nether with zombie pigmen, and ghasts, which aside from a sneak attack by a creeper was the most terrifying thing in the game at the time. Anyways, as with any game, close friends stop playing and so do you, I came back here and there, heard about The End being added and it was a big thing, like Wow, Now we can "beat" the game! then I stopped playing again, and now probably about 3 months ago I'm guessing, I heard about the update aquatic, and the different versions (Java and Bedrock, that i had no idea were different) So many new things and needless to say, I'm back, and now I'm considering my own Youtube Channel that I've already posted a horrible first episode that will probably be removed,revised, and/or redone. also in my offtime, I do videography and editing for my dad's food vlog; WingN It.  But yeah, that's me, howdy doody and such!

Welcome to Vanilla High I am sure you will fit in here just fine Smile

Have fun and happy gaming..................... Soon you will be sitting back and thinking where has the week just gone !
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