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Sheep At Sea
My first 'Lets Play' video from the Vanilla High Server. A little different from my previous videos, hopefully you like it.

Feedback, Ideas and Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I'm really grateful for those of you that have already subscribed, every time the sub count goes up it puts a huge smile on my face. While I understand there are people out there with Millions of subscribers it still blows my mind to have 44 people subscribed to me, people that chose to watch what I create enough that they want to see more whenever it comes out.

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Seems we have a similar problem in our mic sensitivity but otherwise love the video
[Image: Haberja.png]
I have enjoyed it. I didn't know that you can have so much fun with an iron golem Smile
Yesterday is history,
tomorrow is a mystery,
and today is a gift.
That sheep is in a BAAAAADDDD place!
-Hero 0f Valkria-
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*claps slowly for the pun*
I neglected to mention that a new episode came out on Friday to everyone on the forum..... A new episode came out on Friday! Really appreciate it if people would go and watch.

Latest video just went live.


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