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Griefing, unwanted pvp, raiding, theft
I've tried to avoid it coming to this, but it has gone too far, today the following users: LocalColt, Commander3PO, and Epileptic_atlas, decided to kill my friend and I, raid and grief our base, destroy our beds, and steal items from our chests. Now I have been sent back to spawn and they plan to send my friend back to spawn by killing him as soon as he logs on (screenshot provided).

We've had some trouble with these players in the past with them first raiding our base, and later trying to kick us out of their town even though we had broken no rules. We were able to work things out and I thought that was the end of it, but today we were killed by Commander3PO, LocalColt then logged on and decided to kick us out of town, he refused to speak to us over discord to try to work things out and we were not allowed to collect our things as we left. He then ordered Epileptic_atlas to grief our base and kill us, even though our base is located at least 1000 blocks OUTSIDE of their town. We were not given a chance to appeal and some of our items have been stolen by Commander3PO(screenshot provided) and presumably others, though I don't know what was taken. I can't get back in my base, and my friend can't even get on the server anymore. This all took place around 3:00pm EST.

I really hope something will be done about this, at the very least I would like any stolen items returned and a chance to collect the blocks used to build my base, so I can relocate.

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