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Nobody post anything here lol
So hum I'm Shayzis and since the 1.13 reset, I live in a town Hosted by Rillo, Zog and Sizzle_Bean, last one being the founder of the village.

Welp, that's one more thread added to the list!

You, yes, YOU!
Have a nice day on Vanilla High!

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Don't worry, I'm not going to post anything on this thread


Mayor of the Addlington division of the Bean Empire.
Co-Owner of the Bean Empire
yea me too you can count on me its a hero's promise!
-Hero 0f Valkria-
[Image: Hero456.png]
No guys, as in, nobody ever post anything in "Introduction" x)
I did post in introduction way back when I first joined no reason to post there after
[Image: Haberja.png]

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