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So we had a shulker box behind our Nether Portal Entrance in the overworld, and someone had griefed it and a little bit of the back wall. Not sure if the logs will be able to find out who did it or not due to where others use that portal.
Idea Leader of "Fractal Waves".
Hi Local Colt,

Thank you for reporting this issue. Staff do not step into town issue unless they are severe or involve people who do not live there. Please contact all the town members regarding this incident and ask if they know anything. If no one in the town has any information, then staff can step in and look into it further but you do need to do a little leg work as town leader before that happens.
Pearl, I do thank you very much. I always post in our discord like you admins tell me too.. I'd appreciate the feedback of letting me know to do a little leg work as a town leader to stop because I do... I'll address it again that we have a discord. More then welcome to join it if you don't believe me. But that's quite irritating being told this each time because I do addess it beecauae you all would rather us use discord instead of the actual public chat. Sorry to be rude, but I'm getting fed up each time I post a situation you all repeat that each time. It has been resolved but still took longer then it needed. Thank you.
Idea Leader of "Fractal Waves".
Hi. Just for clarification: VH Discord is not an official support venue as its not an official vanillahigh Discord but rather a player-founded and ran one.
For all problems, report here on the forum.
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