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The Toxic Wasteland Project
This thread showcases my base/build for the VH 1.12 map.

    When I create my house for a given map, I usually try to find a way to bring out uncommon applications for whatever new blocks Mojang has added; thereafter focusing my build around said applications.

    In the case of 1.12, this meant a plethora of bright, untextured, blocks, and a set of intricate accent blocks. Under the assumption that most people would start building projects focusing on the colours brought out by these new blocks (or their implications towards terraforming), I instead decided to focus on the implications of untextured dark blocks. In particular, their ability to enhance industrial builds.

I also decided to focus my palette for this build on the nether variants brought out in the Frostburn update -- as I had not focused any of my building projects on them in the past.

The resulting palette is one of dark, untextured, blocks accented by intricate patterns, and outlined in red nether variants. Perfect for what I will call the "Evil Industrial" style of building that I used for this project. After experimenting with this palette, I found that it is best suited to mushroom biomes; I thusly decided to build my base for this map in one of those.

   The actual building for this project took me several hundred hours; it involved placing over half a million blocks throughout just under 50 chunks and mining out a sizeable area underneath to keep floors level despite being built directly on what was formerly a large hill. Resource collection for this build was also time consuming as it involved the collection of double chests of webs, sand, stone, nether brick, quartz, and (of particular tediousness) nether wart blocks.

    Due to a lack of free time, I was unable to finish the project to my satisfaction -- I had originally planned to extend the pipes shown at the front of the building across the biome spilling glass "toxic waste" in various locations as to aid in the immersion of the build --, but I nonetheless feel that I have realized enough of my vision for the factory alone to be worth showcasing.

This lore is a short story. Although it is extremely long, I feel that it adds to the atmosphere of the build.
TL;DR: The evil factory polluted a forest & town thus turning it into this toxic wasteland (AKA mushroom biome).

    There once was an evil wizard who theorized that a substance existed that could give the bearer untold powers. He had spent his life studying, researching; searching, for information on this substance's existence and ergo its whereabouts. All to no avail. That all changed one day when he caught wind of a series of legends, stories; rumors. All of which leading him to a town in the north... a town that had recently begun to find a mysterious ore appearing in its surroundings.

    With haste he rode to this town, excitement looming over him, ambition; greed. If this substance existed, the world owed it to him. It was, after all, his life's work. When he arrived, he found some of the ore he had heard about in the stories. He felt that he had found what he was looking for, what he had read about. As he had theorized, he could feel latent power imbued in this ore; but he could also feel its pull -- its embrace. Using magic he mined some of this ore and held it. He tried to channel magical power through it, but alas, it was too faint... if anything, it diluted his power.

    But it represented his life's work... It was too important to be a failure... It could not be a failure... It must not. He thought to himself "perhaps this ore is simply insufficiently pure... Perhaps I need more of it; perhaps it just needs to be processed". And so he set up a small tent on the outskirts of the town and used magic to collect more of the ore. He channeled his magic around the ore as to refine it... as to purify the crystals it must contain for himself. Whilst he did so, the plant life around his tent withered and died. But they were just plants, and what he was doing was much more important than them; he needed this power; he deserved it.

    After a few minutes of refining he stopped to look at his work. He channeled some of his magic power through it, but it was still faint -- it was, however, slightly more potent and he could feel it focusing his magic somewhat. He decided that he needed more of this ore... much more, and that it needed more processing. Using all of his magic he reached out and mined all of the ore he could sense; what was in the forest, what was under the town, all of it. He must have this power. With anticipation he channeled his magic to form a giant factory in which for him to process what he deserved. Its brilliance, its power.

    And so, in his factory, he set to work. He set tonnes of ore in the middle of the factory and channeled all of his magic around the ore to purify it. Trees outside exploded, houses sank, plants withered, soil tainted; villagers died. After several minutes he looked at his creation. Glowing purple, a giant crystal now sat vibrantly in the middle of the factory. Deciding to test it, he channeled some magic through it; for a split second he could feel enormous power. He could now do whatever he wanted. He could rule the world. He was a god. He... the crystal shattered into thousands of pieces and with it his newfound power disappeared.

    His life work, all of the ore, gone. Devastated, he looked outside and saw something even worse. What was once a vibrant town amidst a forest was now a toxic wasteland. There were no remains of life except for a few oddly mutated plants. What had he done! In his search for power he had destroyed both an entire town and all remnants of the power he had sought. With anguish he reshaped the inside of his factory into somewhere in which for him to live. He would remain in this factory in the center of the toxic wasteland. In solitude. Forever.

    I apologize for the length of this story; I feel that such length is necessary to add to the tone of the build. For anyone who actually reads this, thank you.

The Build

Complete Build (Imgur Album): Imgur Album of Build

[Image: zDkOyep.jpg]
[Image: m4xaiug.jpg]
[Image: 7NlJuZy.jpg]
[Image: a0dLBS3.jpg]
[Image: xbf6AS4.png]....[Image: HUQLbNm.jpg]
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wow, that's amazing!
Very Kewl Beanz! Love the purple!
I found this build whilst flying around the server but never found out whose it was, always intended to make a video. May I?

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