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Vanilla High World's Fair!
Folks, we need to have a big world's fair before we say goodbye to this map and hello to a new one. I'm negotiating with the admins because I want to do this close to spawn so it's easy for folks to get to.

Here are some of my notes so far:

Miniatures of iconic builds:
  • Community projects - Lycee Fromage, Wheatopia, Nether Park, Normandie Park
  • Major towns
  • Community events

Town pavilions:
  • Town banner, map, map art
  • Signs listing members/contributors - or item frames with vote cookies from each player
  • Events to remember - maybe books?
  • Things from their town they’d like to see highlighted in future legacy showcases

Technology showcase:
  • Interesting redstone devices

World of Tomorrow (representing the next map):
  • Starter house ideas for early game survival
  • Models of new mobs or structures

  • Fireworks competition
  • Music box competition
  • Pixel art competition
  • Something iconic we can blow up with tnt
  • Decorated feast area

Plot sizes:
  • Full-sized plots (128x128 - lined up for maps)
  • Medium plots (64x64)
  • Small pavilions (32x32)

  • Pathways?
  • Boundary markers for plots?
  • Alerting players what is and is not restorable from backups?

Please contribute ideas, estimates for how much time we should spend.

Oh, and this is what I mean by "miniatures of iconic builds": On the left is a build by Hickan88. On the right is a miniature I made to represent his.

I'm game, I could try to build a model of the phantom or a shipwreck? Make some fireworks, maybe some Crystal Kingdom style roads and mini builds.

Yeah Blow Something UP maybe a TNT launcher or TNT on Rails ooo.
Firstly: Epic idea!! Loving it~

For now perhaps focusing on the least expensive attractions should do.
Where did you have it in mind? So we can begin terraforming the area.

Pathways? Basic should work, maybe some stone slab or even shovel paths.
Boundary markers for plots? Perhaps a cobble block with a redstone torch on it.

Please contribute ideas, estimates for how much time we should spend.

A main fair tent
Tea cups
Ferris wheel
Haunted house
roller coasters
pirates cove
corn maze

Large models of the admins to blow up
Large model of BlockBandit to set on fire--> On Thursday.
Love this idea. I could make a mini build of something from Rose Grove + fireworks.
I love the idea! Don't know how to miniaturize the Nether Park tho lol.
[Image: GingerNinja91.png]
Oooh, I like the ideas so far! I'm trying to talk the admins into allowing us to build around spawn (except for 0,0 to 520,520). I'm starting to scope out the area even though we have zero rollback insurance. It will at least give practice. I can always use practice.

Ok, guys, I need help figuring out how big to make this so I can choose a location. We built a 128x128 dirt platform at 1024/80/1024 as a test bed where we can try out scale. I outlined 32x32 plots, but that's too small for a town. I think I'm going to use 64x64 for Normandie park.

Please feel free to build at the test site and give me feedback on what size plots we need and how many.
Check out the mini Normandie Park castle! Smile

Ok, I'm getting a good feel for scale. Thank you to the folks who have built so far in the test area! Let me know if you want me to take a schematic of your build to move to the actual fair grounds once we've decided where.

32x32 is plenty for a single build. Towns will need at least 64x64 to be able to arrange their builds.

Now I need folks to sign up so I plan out the fair site and we can start teraforming. Let me know the size you want if you know it (or how many builds you want for your town and I'll estimate).
Hey Charis,

i ll be gladly participating in the real fair, 32x32 should be enough for me, and if not i ll find other ways to expand. You can also count me in for the building of roads / netherportals n stuff if needed, and of my average redstone skills too :p
[Image: Gintoki90.html]
Ok, folks, the admins said they're willing to make a tp from spawn for builders at the fair as soon as we choose a site and then open it to all once we're done building. That means we don't need to be near spawn. I found a couple of interesting spots close to the school.

Valleys at -22560/90/-2284

Bay with multiple biomes around at -22745/65/-2197

Check out the sites and let me know what you think.

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