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Guidelines for posting a Pardon Request.
These guidelines must be followed or you request will be automatically denied.

If you know the information, please provide the date and time with your timezone of your ban. If this information is not provided, we may not be able to review your ban and it will be automatically denied. Your ban appeal must be posted within 7 days of the infraction.

  1. Do NOT claim the ban was unjustified. They have personally witnessed you break rules. Every admin on this server is trusted and follow our admin guidelines.
  2. Be honest about your ban. State what you were banned for. Truth goes a long way.
  3. Do NOT spam your ban appeal. The admin who banned you needs time to gather information about your ban. You were not the only banned that day and there may be a lot of chat log to review and images/video to search for your specific information.
  4. Do NOT send your friends on the game or forums to appeal for you.
  5. Do NOT message any admins privately about your ban appeal.

Follow the guidelines above and do not be discouraged. Exceptions are made from time to time.
If your appeal is denied, do NOT post another appeal, it will result in a ban from the forums.

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