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In Defense of TNT Duplication
Good day fellow Vanilla High residents, I am here to make a formal request for something which most people already know my stance on. That is, I would like to formally request that the rule banning TNT duplication be revised. In the following post, I will try to outline why I think that it would be beneficial to allow this.
As far as my personal perspective goes, I like, as many of us do, building high-output mob farms. As I am a perfectionist, for as long as I have known about the spawning radius (mobs spawn in a 128-block radius sphere around the player) and other mob spawning mechanics, I have been digging perimeters, which until the advent of observers meant digging millions of blocks by hand.
For those who do not know, a perimeter is basically a giant hole down to bedrock whose sole purpose is to remove all available spawning space for mobs around the player. When a mob farm is built inside a perimeter, the only available spawning space for that player is in the farm. This means one can get extremely high rates out of the farm in question. The other side effect of a mob farm in a perimeter is that the only loaded entities are inside the farm, meaning that there is no lag from entities around the player – this is great for obvious reasons especially on a server like VH where lag is a common issue.
Now, although it is possible to dig the 4+million blocks that need to be removed to make a proper perimeter out by hand, this process takes a very, very long time. Even in an ideal scenario (instamine, server running at a consistent 20tps), mining 4 million stone blocks would take 200,000 seconds, which is equal to roughly 2.3 days. While this might not seem like a lot, that is assuming there is no obsidian, ore or any other non-instamineable block in the entire area, not to mention liquids which must be cleared, and that tools never need to be repaired. Realistically, it takes an amount of time closer to 7-10 days for a minimum size perimeter (257*257 blocks) – which is something between 160 and 240 hours doing only mining and tool reparation.
The above explanation is the reason for which most players making perimeters use world eaters to remove all of those blocks. A world eater is essentially a giant flying machine whose only purpose is to destroy a specific area of land as quickly as it can possibly be destroyed. This is achieved using flying machines dropping TNT in order to destroy a single layer, followed by another set of flying machines which crosses the recently destroyed area in order to remove the liquids (as they prevent TNT from destroying blocks). The entire machine then moves down a block, and does the same thing again over and over, until it reaches the bedrock layer.
World eaters, in an ideal world, would use dispensers to dispense the TNT required to destroy the blocks in question. However, since in Java edition dispensers cannot be moved by pistons, this is not a feasible solution. It is for this reason that TNT duplicators are used to drop the TNT, as they are mobile.
Using a world eater, it is possible to make a perimeter in a time amounting to something around 12 hours if one is able to keep all of the machine loaded at once and just AFK while it blows things up – this does not include the building time for the machine, or the time required to amass the 8800 slime blocks, 6000-something pistons, and countless Redstone blocks required to build one for the perimeter size mentioned earlier. Realistically it’s more likely to be something like 2-3 days, provided the world eater doesn’t blow itself up.
Now, even if one agrees that TNT duplication has a positive benefit as far as large excavations go, there are a number of arguments that I have in the past seen brought up against the use of it.
1. Duping ruins the server economy: It must be noted that TNT duplication is completely different from any other type of duplication possible in Minecraft.
TNT duplication is generally rather uncontrollable, and for it to produce items it would require building something like a quarry, which moves blocks layer by layer above a collection system and then destroys them without killing the items. This literally requires tens to hundreds of thousands of slime blocks and pistons depending on size, and requires dozens of hours to build, and also takes over an hour to displace a single row of blocks.
Further, TNT duping does not duplicate the TNT item, rather the entity, which it is impossible to turn back into an item, so it’s not possible to use TNT duping to increase the number of TNT blocks in one’s possession.
2. TNT duping can be used by griefers to sow destruction: Let’s be honest here, if a griefer is going to use TNT duping to destroy something, they’re going to use it regardless of whether it’s allowed or not, since they likely know they’ll be banned anyway.
3. TNT duping illegitemizes the efforts of those who actually craft TNT: Well, this is true to some extent, as duping removes the need to craft stacks upon stacks of TNT. However, actually crafting TNT still has some huge benefits over duplicating it, since it allows for more control, and removes the risk of your flying machine going backwards and blowing up your builds because you placed a block in the wrong spot.
4. I make perimeters don’t use TNT duping so why should other people? If you have a massive team of players working to help you dig out chunks, good for you. Most people don’t however, and that shouldn’t prevent them from making perimeters.
TL, DR: Mob farms are best built inside perimeters, which also reduce general entity lag massively. TNT is the only feasible way to not spend hundreds of hours doing nothing but digging when making perimeters, and duping is essentially moveable dispensers.
It is also virtually impossible for TNT duplication to ruin a server’s economy since the process of effectively using it to generate blocks is almost more time-consuming than mining manually.
Please see the rest of the post for more detail.
I am happy to address any criticisms regarding the proposal of legalizing TNT duping, and would really appreciate that my post not be prematurely deleted or closed simply because it addresses a touchy subject.
Have a nice day everyone,

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