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Building contest for Minecraft's 10th anniversary!
Update: Voting is now open! https://contest.vanillahigh.net/

To celebrate Minecraft's 10th anniversaty, we're hosting a building contest!
Each category's winner will get a one of a kind golden head and have their statue put at spawn!
With one exception, all screenshots are accepted only with default resource pack and no shaders.

The categories are:

Having the coolest house was always the joy of a minecraft player. This category is for overall best house that doesn't fit other categories. Anything with some walls and a roof.

The second best thing was having a great statue, fountain, or whatnot next to your coolest house.

When we started the game, we've only built tiny houses. This category is for houses that are small and cozy.

Back in the days we didn't have any of those fancy glazed terracottas and rotated logs. For this category, you can only use the blocks that were added to the game before Alpha Halloween Update in 2010. Logs can only be upright. When taking screenshots, you must use the Nostalgia Craft resource pack (Alpha version). with smooth lighting disabled.

Submissions will open on May 25th, and close on June 16th.
Have a good time building, and good luck!
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