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[1.4] RiderFan Estates - RiderFan - 06-27-2019

Some of the things I am working on as of the newest map.

RiderFan Estates, still no house for my bed (as of now).
[Image: aQWodiN.jpg]

The slightly revised Enchantment House by the cow field.
[Image: mf2uARq.jpg]

RE: [1.4] RiderFan Estates - RiderFan - 07-04-2019

A far-off view of my humble abode.
[Image: 9jirihg.jpg]

RE: [1.4] RiderFan Estates - Shayzis - 07-04-2019

Hey, I know this place! Big Grin

RE: [1.4] RiderFan Estates - RiderFan - 07-04-2019

(07-04-2019, 01:18 PM)Shayzis Wrote: Hey, I know this place! Big Grin

So you're my neighbor?

Work in progress.
[Image: Co34ncT.jpg]

RE: [1.4] RiderFan Estates - Shayzis - 07-05-2019

Nah, but I fly by sometime when travelling from spawn!

RE: [1.4] RiderFan Estates - RiderFan - 07-10-2019

Aerial view of the mess I made.
[Image: obKaCAz.jpg]

RE: [1.4] RiderFan Estates - RiderFan - 07-19-2019

A tiny aquarium inside my house.[Image: mKltv8K.jpg]

RE: [1.4] RiderFan Estates - RiderFan - 07-25-2019

Ran across a griefed village with two inhabitants spawned in a mountain a week or so ago. Decided to hollow out and fix the place and now it thrives. It is just a small rail ride from my own estates.
[Image: OzKRQCw.jpg]

RE: [1.4] RiderFan Estates - RiderFan - 07-31-2019

There are now plenty of beds for all of my villagers after building a 4 story sleeping area.
[Image: kSp5LvC.jpg]
[Image: WAdQjlX.jpg]
[Image: leBKJ4g.jpg]
[Image: B1ZN0RP.jpg]

A skyway in the making.
[Image: JhEGGFL.jpg]

RE: [1.4] RiderFan Estates - RiderFan - 09-01-2019

Terraforming is a long process without beacons.
[Image: 7uIxw8K.jpg]

[Image: Cl7Va0i.jpg]

Most of the stone I mine is sold to my villager masons.