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home base was griefed - stevecams - 05-14-2019

I checked my home base today and I was missing almost all the villagers, maybe 20 of them. I'm not sure if anything else was taken.

RE: home base was griefed - Shayzis - 05-15-2019

1.14 glitches, your villagers disappeared into nothing. You can't get 'hem back. Wait for 1.14.2, has 1.14.1 didn't fix the problem.

RE: home base was griefed - Spinreaver - 05-15-2019

I noticed this also, in our trading hall, about half the villagers were just gone. Fortunately we have at least 10-12 left that we can use.

RE: home base was griefed - CreepersHappen - 05-16-2019

1.14.2 pre1 says it has fixed the problem. We'll see. They also say they've fixed the glitched lighting issue - for the 4th time.

RE: home base was griefed - stevecams - 05-17-2019

I guess the glitch got them. Thanks for checking it out.