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Missing key villager - UTBeefies - 08-30-2018

I had a brownshirt villager sitting in a boat at my dock, for a week, and now it's gone. The boat is gone too ... that's why I don't think a mob got him.

Anyways, normally no big deal, but I'm in the middle of an ocean and villagers are hard to get. I was going to start a village with this guy Sad

Can anyone help?


RE: Missing key villager - CreepersHappen - 09-02-2018

Sorry for the delay in response, Beef! Unfortunately, our system is not fine-grained enough to track down individual entities. We have backups to roll back 512x512 chunks when there's obvious signs of mass griefing or raiding, but this seems smaller scale. Have you talked with your town mates?

RE: Missing key villager - UTBeefies - 09-02-2018

It's a small island in an ocean, not a town and I've not shared the coordinates with anyone.

Can't admin tell who's been in an area? I'd really like to know if it's something that I did wrong, how else does a boat with a villager disappear?

RE: Missing key villager - CreepersHappen - 09-02-2018

Yes, we can do that. Noone but you has been in the area since Aug 24th. I can't think of anything you could have done wrong. I've heard of villagers going missing, but never a boat.

RE: Missing key villager - UTBeefies - 09-03-2018

Thank you for helping determine that it was Not taken by another player. I thought for sure some smarty rowed off with it.

Thank You