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Carrot farm greifed? - AgarzBurgerz__ - 08-17-2018

Today I logged on to check my carrot farm to see that my farm had lily pads missing and my only farmer gone and out of the glass cage. I really need this villager back to keep selling mending books and to keep getting diamond for my town. My farm also had some glass missing to where the villager may have escaped. I also noticed that their were lily pads in the farm and in my chest missing. I always ask people to tell me before taking something and no one has asked me.

Pictures are included.. 
Pystro also came to my town and saw the farm working with a villager and carrots flowing in.

Thanks much,


RE: Carrot farm greifed? - Carl_71 - 08-18-2018

We will look into this for you and see what we can find out.

RE: Carrot farm greifed? - Carl_71 - 08-18-2018

Okay so I have checked the area and you do not appear to have had any visitors to your town. I can not track the lily pads. I see nobody in the area with lilly pads unless they have been placed into a personal storage chest. It looks like at this pint that someone has gone into the farm and forgotten to close back the glass allowing the farmer to escape.
I will ask another staff member to check just in case I have missed something.