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We have hit player 30,000!
Players please keep the spam from here, if you have issues raise a post. Wait for staff to respond, however long that maybe. Staff have real lives also and if you did no wrong in the first place you would have no issues.
Except for the fact that it's been 23 hours
Six hour ban is just that. You were banned for 6 hours, no need to appeal just learn your lesson, perm ban is like an extended kick, a big warning.
My apologies for spamming the shoutbox, sort of did this without thinking
Clarification: A few people have made me feel unwelcome and unfortunately I can not address you by name. Even fewer people have made me feel welcome.
Feeling unwelcome to the server lately, might quit trying to get it back 'unless I have a good reason not to
Ok. I'm just going to appeal as it has been 10 hours since the incident.
Could someone please clarify if six-hour ban means it ends six hours after the infraction or it ends six hours after I appeal?
bot raid!!!
good etude I give it 10/10
oh no not again
bots everywhere
Help! Spammer joining game with TONS of alts
would-be ddos attack on line now
There is no forum for that other then ban appeals if you think you were banned unjustly I suggest starting there
Where does one go to figure out why they were banned? Because I got banned for "griefing / raiding" but I was just at my base building farms and stuff.
People go to the Gamers Situation and NOT the shoutbox.
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Vanilla High Rules
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Vanilla High Minecraft server and Forum rules.
- - -
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Major things happening on Vanilla High are posted here.
10 140 Prohibition of 0-tick far...
Yesterday, 10:21 PM, PetertheBrewer
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Introduce yourself to the Vanilla High community!
30 78 BensonTheBear
1 hour ago, Carl_71
Vanilla High Life
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For our miners to post stuff that is related to Vanilla High but does not fit in the other forums (4 users browsing)
64 420 Town Banners
3 minutes ago, preponderances
Builder Showcase
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Show cool stuff that you made on the Vanilla High server! (2 users browsing)
39 150 Piano's Hedge Maze :D
1 hour ago, Carl_71
Vanilla High Marketplace
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For players to participate in trade
6 14 Bells for Diamonds
05-10-2019, 04:56 PM, xxky1
Threads: 56  //  Posts: 177
Do you need technical help? Have an idea, or have you seen something that you think could be a great idea. Here is the spot to place it :) (1 user browsing)
56 177 Banner help
Yesterday, 08:03 PM, Niekelodius
Glitches/Issues with the Server or Forum
Threads: 55  //  Posts: 149
Report bugs and other issues with the server or forum. Please don't post issues that are widely known in the Minecraft community.
55 149 cant connect to server
Yesterday, 02:19 AM, CubeStealer
Gamer Situations
Threads: 485  //  Posts: 1,706
Report raids, griefs or any other violations of the Vanilla High server rules and in-game transgressions. (12 users browsing)
Sub Forums:
Ban/Jail appeal
485 1,706 rude player gaunz
Yesterday, 10:47 AM, Imnotshankled

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