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hay guys. i just posted about a griefer that is griefing right now on gamer situations
Kawhye, appeal under Gamer Situations > Ban/Jail Appeal
Seeing in chat that mob spawning has been suspended by admin to help with lag. Is that all mobs, hostile and friendly? Will I see no phantoms even after not sleeping for a week?
where do i apply ban for griefing
Minecraft turned 10 years old! Heard it's a good game, worth buying? ...I have a bad sense of humor. To celebrate this amazing date (just a day late) we're starting a building contest!
Cool, I'll try and check it out tonight. If you're willing maybe send me the coordinates, I'd come check it out. If not, I understand
Thanks CubeStealer Big Grin
spinreaver my town is underwater hmu on discord
Any towns on server that are underwater towns (without glass covers)? Im interested in joining one, or starting one. I do have 3 conduits just burning a hole in my shulker box...
potion of fire resistance FTW
pinkbrick. overworld is backed up to an offsite server regularly. Despite being a pure vanilla server, we have external tools that help us log and analyze some data to determe who griefed/raided a reported location. If that location is over 15,000 blocks away, we have the ability to restore the affected area from backups. It is not really grief "protection" but more like grief "insurance"
no it is on a server log system so it can be proven that you were griefed and if you weren't you just won't get things reset
is it safe to assume protection from griefing is on the honor system?
seems something out a creepy pasta
Server keeps restarting per 30 seconds help
Maintenance Complete. Server is up.
Appeals go in Gamer Situations > Appeal a jail/ban
where do i appeal my ban?
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Ban/Jail appeal
277 936 hi guys. some guy admits ...
05-20-2019, 03:54 AM, CubeStealer

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