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I don't know why I'm permanently banned. i'm femboy
I forgot to thank you. Thank you!
It looks like there was an issue, but it is up now
is there something wrong with the server at this time?
egomaster18, this is the shoutbox. post your appeal in the forums under the appeals section.
i have been banned for uesing xray hacks and that i been banned for 11 days i will like to play agian and my uresername is egomaster18
if the chunk is not loaded nothing happens there
I tested it in single player and render distance doesn't affect anything, but I don't know if it is the same on the server.
so, since the 6 chunk range is under the maximum distance mobs can spawn, will mobs spawn outside my render distance, or does the server render make it so that they don't? And if they don't, if the mob is outside of the 6 block distance, will it despawn?
@SupersuMC @CubeStealer realized that as soon as i posted XD.
The server restarts every 2 hours. The timezone the server is set in is UTC+4 (also known as GMT+4)
Daylight Savings Time, that's all.
@quantum_eros They adjusted for
Idle kick timer is gone Smile
There's a new vender now in the trade shop. Isabella i think. but doubt thats it xD
There seems to be less lag and did the restart times change?
Shuker boxes seem to be easier to break
Something has changed on VH. One special potato to the first person to correctly say what has changed.
my launcher automatically updates
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Vanilla High Rules
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Please take the time to read our rules. These apply to both the server and forum.
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Glitches or Issues with the Server or Forum
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Have you wronged the community - If so then this is the place for you. Submit your jail or ban appeal here and follow the guidelines. (1 user browsing)
35 152 I don't know why I'm perm...
Today, 04:37 AM, CubeStealer

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