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can an admin unjail me
did the server crash?
Needless to say, it was a near thing, if I hadnt turned at that moment, it would have taken out my bed, all my storage would be there, my water feature broken and washing all my stuff out into the ocean...and would have to somehow get back to my home from spawn before everything vanished... whew!!
omg when the mobs came back ut was a close thing...I was on the second floor of my house (those who know, I have storage all arround.) just in time to see a creeper right behind me.(plenty of light, but that didnt stop it). I hit it once then ran around the room cause they can blow if you dont kill in one shot, or stay near them.
Thanks people who made a guardian farm, for crashing the server
Building contest is now in the second stage! Vote now!
Yes kimber will have one amazing new trade but we're polishing something at the moment.
Just wondering... Will Kimber's counter get reset to unlock more goodies? (It's already 2141 votes past the previous goal)
OK I think they've all been banned Big Grin
Please Help! We're being plagued by Toxic Peeps!
Good to know.
It has been fixed
Seeing on the forum that west farm is in need of repair ... again. I'll be in game later and do what I can.
Sorry for the Blog looking bonkers earlier. I was working to make it fully operational under SSL. Enjoy.
oh! That would be so fun! Big Grin
Pinkbrick, are you volunteering to edit the Crazy Chronicle? Smile
Why is it hard to be a parent in the Mariana Trench? Because there’s so much pressure.
Bad Puns are also fun xD
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46 153 im still not unjailed
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