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Nvm I realized this isn't the place to apeal, sorry
Post an appeal in the forums
can i get unjailed pls??? i have been jailed since june lol
This is due to a world wide outage by our server provider OVH. They have restored some but not all services as yet. I can still not log into the server but some can.
i'm sorry if this is not correct place to say this, but today as 2021-10-13 09:54 (GMT +02:00) server seems to be offline
Our server rules can be found using the link for the blog above. I think we pretty well cover the duping question if you read them, here is how we stand on duping so we can end the continual questions. Duplicating (duping) of anything (TNT, rails, carpet, blocks, items etc) is prohibited, regardless of the technique used. This is a serious permanent-bannable offense.
Also you're welcome Big Grin
Any forms of duping is prohibited including block duping. Best thing to do if it happens accidentally is to throw it in fire. For the sand you could travel far to find a desert and mine the sand. Just ensure nobody lives nearby of course.
So I would assume that is the same way for duping sand? Or is it considered something like cobblestone infinity generators, or is it banned. Do you know of a way I could use creepers to fulfil my explosion needs? I don't want to destroy deserts, not because of all the work, that I don't mind, it is satisfying to insta mine, but because that means I have to delete an entire biome and that just looks ugly and feels wrong.
also THANK you Foxi if you came to my base and redecor it.
If anyone is in need of a house or something to move in, talk to me! MrColdDog20, if you want to message me for a house or base of some sort speak to me on discord, user name on discord is Rykers Gaming Adventures #9003 NOTE: i wont build mansions or big bases unless you have like alots of diamond blocks, the average house would either be 5 diamonds 8 god or 20 iron.
Hi!! Smile
Ok, I will not use them. Just going to have to strip the deserts of sand for tnt instead
Just like how duplicating items is "part" of the game doesn't mean that you should do it as it kind of breaks how the game is supposed to work.
TNT dupers are very unfair for honest players who prefer not to use in game exploits to obtain items. Also they are very volatile in use like what if somebody decided to bombard a wide area using one and no one could stop them for it.
TNT dupers are prohibited.
For the moderators. I haven't yet, nor do I have the resources currently, but I would like permission to be able to use a tnt duper for a tree and stone farm, and that is it. |Nothing else, just those 2 farms for my base. You can even send someone to come check on it once in a while to make sure I am staying true to my word.
i can backup SteveDaDino i’ve seen the hacker to he’s flying around the spawn area
hello i have come across this hacker his name is sture80 and he has been fly hacking and saying that he has admin commands
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