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Hello everybody!
I was away from Minecraft for a long time and I really want to get back in preferably at the start of a new world and the aquatic update seems like a good time to do so.
I've been looking for a welcoming community starting on a new world when 1.13 releases, and VH seems like a nice place to live and build.
Hope to see you on MC soon!
Hi Anarcky

We are all eagerly waiting for the new update, VH is a build based community with a survival aspect. We will have some super cool thing happening along with the update so keep watching.

Welcome to the forum and feel free to drop into the server and say hello. Meet the community so you know a few people before you get rolling Smile
[Image: Carl_71.png]

You have picked one of the BEST servers EVAR!!!!!
We are very community driven and exceptionally friendly!

With the new update coming along we are locked down into community project mode. Tons of stuff to do with others
and many tours of the towns along the way!

I look forward to seeing you in server~ Big Grin

Welcome to the server! It is great to have familar players around, but no server keeps alive without any new. Thats something everyone knows so we all like new players! Smile
Thanks for the welcoming messages.

I had some time yesterday to log on to the server, but apart from wandering around I didn't really know where to go.

I'd like to find some signs of civilisation, we here should I head to?
You can try normandie park for a close and open civilization. The fastest way to travel is through the nether portal at market. Find the public tunnel to get to normandie park.
Thanks !
I managed to get lost in the nether but someone helped me to get there and I built myself a tiny house Smile
And as I was building I saw a discussion on the chat and someone was saying that we would keep our inventory after the server reset, but people didn't really seem to know. And I was wondering if this is true?
That is false. We will all start off as peasants together!!

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