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Mysterious Unidentified Reset Town
That base looks nice in my opinion. So I don't see why not.... Currently as far from what I know nothing has been "decided". Many are just waiting for 1.13 to release currently, so until then nothing will be certain.
LocalColt  Angel
Don't forget to continue suggesting and sharing ideas everyone!! Update is rumored to be here on June 21st from what I've heard.
LocalColt  Angel
Minecraft Username:

How long you have been on Vanilla High:
Since the server started in March 2015 ish; 1.8 Migrated from the Werty Amp Map, before it suffered a mid-update reset

What do you offer in terms of skills or even dedication to the town:
I bring layout management and small-mid size builds manly houses and basic shops, I have a tendency to use tree trunk lighting for natural mob proofing.
This comes from previously building towns in the past, this includes the building of older section of icloggville 1.8 with Rialore and iClogg.
Beaconsand 1.7.10 with iClogg's Cousin and Beaconsand (2.0) 1.9, Rosehill with Addox 1.10, Rosegate with Addox 1.11/1.12

Why you want to be part of this town:
To be fair, to be around like minded people who can make building this town a success, the dream team of me and Local was something we talked about during 1.9. and it's overdue. I am aware that we have different styles of building but we both have major strengths that I sometimes wonder what we can do.

My suggestion:
Every great minecraft town has a Vocal point, from which players can more or less expand from:

Normande Park has the Normande Castle; a very simple vocal point but identifiable

Cozzy Cove had the Terrain work in their favour making a Tri water bank linked by bridges at the town's heart; A very Clever design

Beaconsand 1.7.10 had the hand carved waterfall (This version didn't have a beacon); Similar to Cozzy Cove the natural Terrain helped.

iCloggville had the town hall, which stuck out of the treeline, and then iClogg's house at Rosegate hill section of that town. (Though at ground level, iCloggville was easy for admins to get lost in. thanks to the Treeline, hills and slopes)

Divinity Island had the Town gate, and then the town expanded in one direction from it; very straight forward

Madd's town (forgot the name), had the fountain and small town Square as their centre.

Rosehill Village had a Beacon and Tree, with Town Garden, Npc Village, (Town Stores, Library, Brewery in a line), and Town hall at each corner all within a 4 by 4 chunks with a river and hill next to the village (Yes that is 64 block by 64 blocks); kept it simple it felt like iCloggville without too many hills and confusion. Everything north and south of this section was made by other players builds and homes, minus the road and the path to nether portal on the hill.

Focus on nailing the heart of the town, and keep the heart's size under control then the town will never feel empty. Don't over-extend beyond what the town needs but design it so the town can expand correctly in all direction.
[Image: 37433433325_a207a98313_z.jpg]
So I've been trying different ideas for the town, what would everyones opinion be about if we would find a deep frozen ocean and expand our town on the islands even going underwater and building small bridges connecting each island to each other?
LocalColt  Angel
(06-05-2018, 01:58 AM)LocalColt Wrote: So I've been trying different ideas for the town, what would everyones opinion be about if we would find a deep frozen ocean and expand our town on the islands even going underwater and building small bridges connecting each island to each other?

Sounds good for me, it would have easy access to packed ice and the new blue ice for building. And, if we do decide to do that, would it be a good idea to cover all the places we build with glass panes near the build limit, so the snow won't cover up everything?
Also made some new improvements to my planned base in  the town. What do ya'll think?

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It's certainly a base that I could certainly see my road path going under that bridge. It'd look super neat... Depending on how everyone likes my road idea for the ice palace/village we're thinking about currently. But plans still aren't official yet but the way it seems is that this will be what we stick with.
LocalColt  Angel
Idea: What if instead of everyone just describing new builds for the town, lets show them! There is this plot world server owned by a youtuber that i use sometimes, its free to play on and we can all see each others builds! ip: play.xisumavoid.com 

(I'm sorry if this is considered advertising, i'm just trying to make things easier on everyone.)
Stuff 'n' Things
Your idea isn't horrible SAlex, but actually I've got a better idea. Lets keep everything saved for 1.13. Make it look even better!!!
LocalColt  Angel

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