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Snake Pit theft
hi i'm vescodragon, mayor of the Snake pit, at coordinates ********* . i returned home to find 2 of my beacons missing and a sigh saying "came back to get my beacons" with no by line. but none of the beacons belonged to someone else they belonged to the Pit, if someone can deal with this i'd be grateful
Co ordinates were removed for the towns safety.

We will look into this and see what we can find.
[Image: Carl_71.png]
Could you please list the players who have or had access to the pit so we can work out what has happened.
[Image: Carl_71.png]
that i can remember, blockbandit, hero456, CharisSophia, frittahz, and a few others i can't remember off the top of my head

oh and dark_angel_45
As the mayor of a town its always a good idea to remember who are members of your town. It usually helps when situations like this occur. There are some signs in your town that mention the town members.

It appears that the beacons were taken by a town member. Even though they were placed in the snake pit a member obviously believes these beacons belong to him/her.
We always ask towns to work out their issues internally if possible. Please consult your fellow town members and try to work out the issue at hand.
[Image: Carl_71.png]
i found the culprit, it was Dark_Angel_45, who was a town member until they decided to leave after that i hadn't seen them since. they are still claiming that the beacons they took were theirs. but as the beacon has been changed and rebuilt many times it is impossible to say if they really were. i have since banned them from the pit
Okay, we will call this issue closed. If you suspect issues in the future being linked to this then please let us know.
[Image: Carl_71.png]

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