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Home all of a sudden not set
So, I was just going about my day and doing my thing. Baddoc decided to put obisidian around where i respawn but I had been able to tp home even with the obsidian there. All of a sudden I tp'd home and I was sent to spawn. I tried "vhguide fixme" but that didn't do anything. I asked Niekelodius to take out the obsidian form where i spawn but I still can't tp home. I'm fine with making the walk back home but i just want to make sure that nothing is bugged for me...
When he placed the obsidian he turned your bed into a invalid bed. You were sent to spawn because there was no where for you to spawn at your beds location. Try this... have him remove the obsidian, walk back, and reset your home by sleeping in your bed, and then promptly send Baddoc to the dochouse for 6 months. That should fix it.
Remember you should have your bed cleared 3 blocks around just to be safe as you will not always be spawned at the exact bed co ordinates. Once you spawned the first time away from the bed in obsidian as GingerBeardMan posted it makes your bed invalid. Once invalid it remains that way until you sleep in it again.
[Image: Carl_71.png]
Thanks guys Smile

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