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Highrose is looking for new members!
(01-14-2018, 06:26 AM)Exploitment Wrote: Hi, I haven't joined a town yet, but still plan to, so this will be my first! I would be thrilled if i could join.  I am great at building, I have been the main builder on multiple other servers, i'm quite active so expect to see me a lot. I will burn the coordinates after I've gotten your town's location, because I won't expect to leave any time soon. Thanks for taking the time to read this comment, I hope you accept me into your town.  Bye!

I'm sorry, I did not see the minimum requirement for being on the server for at least 3 months, I apologize, and withdraw my request.

Well when you have been on the server for about 3 months, I would be very happy if you joined the town! I can't wait 'till then  Smile
Hope to ssssssee you online! 
I would love to visit if we're ever on at the same time Tongue
Hi, i've been playing along for a long time now. So i would love to join this town if that's ok.
Signed by Marine_Soldier

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