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Hi :)
I've been playing on VH for few days and i really enjoy to play here so i would like to introduce myself Smile

Hey Guys! My name is Lucas I'm a 22 years old and i'm been graduated from highschool since 2013. I started to play minecraft since 2011 and i really like this game but my schoolwork was very hard so i had stop playing. I haven't play any video games since 2014. Right now I'm playing on my younger brother Jack's computer and he been playing on VH for 2 years but now he has too much school work to do and he can't play so he wants me to take over. I like to build things in minecraft even i'm not a good builder. 

It really breaks my heart to write this paragraph, it really makes my tears drop. last 4 years was best time of my life i spended so long time with my band and we know each other so well we grew up together but everything can't last forever and best time in life always gonna come to an end. I'm so proud of everything i did with 3 of my best friends i will never forget the day we played on TV show and the day we played in front of thousand people. As today we are no longer an band we decided to have part ways. We finished our last show like few weeks ago.

I'm actually a middle school teacher not a singer. I teach music i been doing this since i graduated from high school. I love all my students even they have F in music. 

Without games or music i like to skiing and building/painting stuff and opreating machine tools. When i was a teenager i build/paint stuff and i worked in sandvik that's how i'm got paid during my old summer breaks. 

I would like to say Thank you to all admins and VH players. -Lucas

See you all in game Smile
Signed by Marine_Soldier
Welcome to Vanilla High! Smile

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