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The road to Minecraft 1.12
Hello Miners!
For the past weeks, the staff team along with a select few regular players from the server have been busy testing the feasibility of upgrading our current server to Minecraft 1.12 - The world of color update. Besides new blocks, parrots, colored beds, recipe book etc, Mojang introduced a new function backend that significantly changed the way we would manage command blocks.


Is the server resetting?
NO. The server is not resetting. Anyone who tells you the server is resetting for the 1.12 update is misinformed or is lying.

When will Vanilla High move to 1.12
Not yet. It is a bad idea to upgrade to major Minecraft released on the first day. From experience we have seen that there's almost always game-breaking bugs that slipped through Mojang's quality control (har! har!). We will wait for feedback from the communtiy before moving the production server, mc.vanillahigh.net to Minecraft 1.12

We're thoroughly testing 1.12 on the Vanilla High development servers and we will roll out the change to the main server when it is ready. If there are no major game-breaking bugs in 1.12, we plan to move to 1.12 by Friday 9th. The main server will be down for about one hour or two while we copy over the changes we did on the Development server.

Thank you for playing Vanilla High!
[Image: nGVjqqg.png]
I found out if you have crashes when downloading 1.12 update your Java

Noone call me dragon imposter or else [Image: 40830.png]
(06-08-2017, 12:38 AM)Imnotshankled Wrote: I found out if you have crashes when downloading 1.12 update your Java

thats what ive been trying to do but my mac wont let me update D:
Netherboy103  Tongue

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