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Dolphinessss you should be good to go, all your inventory is corrected. Let us know if this is not the case. Smile
Darkstriker80 you are good to go, you will spawn in the end where you were exploring Smile sorry for the issues
for you to be tp'ed from the chunk you must be online, but by the time you are on it crashes unfortunately
its completely fine, you will not be able to access the server anyways for a bit, but when a senior is on later it should be fine, just check the forums or your minecraft for an update Sad Sad
Sad ok i'll stay out for tonight - can an admin tp me to a safe chunk
DarkStriker80, if you see this, unfortunately you have stumbled into a corrupted chunk. you will have been temp banned by admins unitl it is resolved by senior admins, sorry for the inconveniences
Mojang seriously needs to fix the 1.13 map rendering. These corrupted chunks are getting tedious.
no problemo
Thanks J4mmy!
I think only senior admins can restored your inventory dolph, and cubestealer is still on holiday, however i think he is home within the next day or so you shouldnt have to wait too long now
Hey! Sorry to sound impatient, but my inventory still hasn't been restored since the crash
wait dont worry
Hello there my house was griefed and my chests were raided by someone. I am not in the 15k block radius my username is Pixoodle
I have moved your appeal to correct forum area, as being banned for duping is not a glitch or server error. You also have your reply to your appeal there.
If you believe you were wrongly banned please place an appeal in the gamer situations under ban appeal. We have zero tolerance for duping and standing next to a person duping and collecting the items is the same as actually duping.
please help me get unbanned i didn't do anything wrong
i was banned for duping but i never did that it was the person who lives next to my base cjbeebs23
once you post 50 replies or posts etc it upgrades to zombie slayer, i am unsure if you can get any higher than that escluding mods
any update on my situation please?
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Report raids, griefs or any other violations of the Vanilla High server rules and in-game transgressions.
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Ban/Jail appeal
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3 hours ago, Carl_71

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