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Finding the best place for a base, hoping you have all the cool things near by and finding them is all part of the survival experience Smile
Okay, thanks
No need to know the seed. Looking forward to surviving on a fresh unexplored map.
VH seeds are never made public due to the reason that the seed can be abused to find stronghold locations, mansions, dungeons etc.
Is it possible for the new map's seed to be released, so people can find the optimal place for their bases? It's fine if it isn't, just wondering.
murphy's law is omnipresent... I start the vacation on the 18th of July...
take your time... lets release the new server/map on 11th of August... Big Grin so I'm back from vacation... Wink
Is there any predicted date on when the new map is public, since the 1.13 update releases on the 18th?
That's fine, but I'm just saying haha.
what will happen to the new map when the server reset comes?
Every Banner on the thread will be voted on, if at the end you win and can not supply the recipe then the runner up will take the win.
ahh alright
It might be less likely to be voted if we can't make it to see in the new spawn. Smile
Well, if mine is the one voted I'll certainly include instructions on how mine is made lol
Yes, hero, the give command is fine. Anything that give me enough information to build it. FYI - the give commands aren't working in the snapshot dev is on, but I can read them and craft by hand. Smile
trust me ive tried it just to make sure
and u will have it
u can just copy and paste the /give command into your game
umm charts is the command /give ok?
Everyone, please include instructions for your banner so I can make them in the new spawn for the judges. The ones from needcoolshoes are fine. Shayzis showed how to make his. A few others are just images.
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