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Normandie Park has been badly griefed. Should I spend time on that or time getting the world's fair going?
you can't put a powershell script in a png and execute it directly from there. a file can't execute itself on download. and mojang doesn't provide skin downloads.
i only have one question: how in the world do you infect a .png file with executable malware and leave it a valid .png file
Be careful of downloading new skins.
Sorry for the silence on the World's Fair. I've been offline due to computer issues. I'm back and getting this going. First task - final choice on location! Give input on thread in Announcements section. Smile
you can put those things in the gamer situations forum
Currently a hacking griefing player online fancycorey
Theres as challange im doing I listen to you will understand once you click on it as i post this im 6 hours and 20mins in
get rick rolled
NO PLZ STAP xD 10 mins is enough
Hi guys it's Prekursor. Am I still set to be unbanned come 1.13? Big Grin I'm excited
Further note Q2 starts on the 1st of April and ends 30th of June, Q2 meaning the second quarter of the year. This is used rather than spring etc as just because it is spring in the USA it does not mean it is spring in the rest of the world and this can then get confusing.
Please note the Minecraft Wiki states the following ----- Minecraft: Java Edition set to be released in Q2 2018 ----- Emphasis on the word "set", no one at has actually stated it will be a definite Q2 release as yet!
Partly incorrect its Q2 which means the latest they can release and be on target is may 31st. To be fair we should be at pre releases by now otherwise its 1.7 all over again. Where 1.7.0 plays badly.
Its suppose to come out about half-way through spring
~ Also want to notify Finshou and UTBeefies that I apologize that I haven't been on much this month, I've been working my butt off. Hopefully the update doesn't come around until May-July. But only time will tell.
Mystery 1.13 Town, I accidently hit enter ( lol ) But make sure to apply and give us some ideas about this newly updated town!
Hello everyone, 1.13 is around the corner and if you're interested in joining a town with me, UT Beefies, and Finshou. Be sure to go comment in our Mys
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Vanilla High Rules
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Vanilla High Minecraft server and Forum rules.
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Major things happening on Vanilla High are posted here.
3 23 Vanilla High World's Fair...
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Introduce yourself to the Vanilla High community!
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Vanilla High Life
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For our miners to post stuff that is related to Vanilla High but does not fit in the other forums
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Vanilla High Marketplace
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Do you need technical help? Have an idea, or have you seen something that you think could be a great idea. Here is the spot to place it :)
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Report bugs and other issues with the server or forum. Please don't post issues that are widely known in the Minecraft community.
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Gamer Situations
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Report raids, griefs or any other violations of the Vanilla High server rules and in-game transgressions.
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Ban/Jail appeal
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