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Thank you Vanilla High
Hello Vanilla High,

I did not know a good place to post this but I decided to do it here.

(The following passage is not the fault of the server, any member of staff or player by the way.)

As a student, I have loved to play on Vanilla High to be free from work and school, interacting with people across the world and learning new things, I used it as an escape from the outside world, but recently, as I have entered a new year of work, the pressure has been piling up and I cannot allow Minecraft to stop me from working hard, so I have decided to leave this server.

I do wish to join once in a while to meet up with town members and other friends, as I cannot leave without any form of communication, but I will eventually have to stop playing.

Before I leave, I would just like to say thank you to every member of staff and every player, you have helped me grow as a person in many ways over my time of being on Vanilla High.

However, just because I part ways with the server today, does not mean it will be permanent, I wish to join again when the server world resets, and I will start again.

I hope everyone has a terrific day, and I will see you all again soon.

Thank you Vanilla high, you have meant so much to me.

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