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Jail Appeal
I was jailed for flying in the nether.

I play this server on my alt account, and wanted to get my main account to the house. I traveled far away from spawn to to build my base and wanted to get my main account with my stuff there. I already had made the trek once, and didn't want to deal with it again because when I play Minecraft I only have a limited amount of time due to school and work. I know it goes against the rules, but I just wanted to get back to playing normally as fast as possible, which is why I resorted to flying. I sincerely apologize for my behavior and going against the merit of the server.
Streiter, yes you were indeed jailed by staff for flying.

You were kicked multiple times in both the nether and overworld with warnings prior to being placed in jail. You continued to ignore these warnings by flying with no regard for our server rules.

The flying witnessed and log results are not consistent with your claims of moving items, your positions are at random locations all over the overworld and nether.

If you are willing to PM me the name of the said account and the position on the map of the established base I will be willing to look into your appeal in greater detail.

At this point with the information you have supplied, your jailing will be upgraded to a permanent ban as staff feel your appeal is not enough reason to allow you back onto the server.
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